Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Mcdonald's Illustration

I know I say this alot...but oh my have I been busy. I graduate from my degree this summer, and depending on how well I do will govern the rest of my life so I've been working really hard. I haven't got a huge amount of time to write about the things I've been making, but once I finish university this summer I will be writing about it! For now, I am going to talk about some illustration work I did for Mcdonald's a few months ago.
I designed a series of uniform guides for the staff of a chain of McDonald's Restaurants in the south east (all owned by the same franchise). I was really worried about whether they'd like my style of illustration, but they were really pleased, and have mentioned that they possibly will want me to make another one for Managers position!

I got paid in vodka for this job - and I was happy :)

Sunday, 23 February 2014

"Little Pet" for Little Draw

Its Spring and I'm currently working on a children's book at university, but I still have quite a few projects that I haven't blogged about since I finished them. This one in particular wasn't planned, and happened by lucky accident when I was interviewing practitioners for my Summer research Project last year.

I got in touch with a two ladies known as 'Little Draw' who did a lecture at my university last year, and met up with one of them during the Summer in Peckham for an interview. During this interview, they were kind enough to ask me to do a 12 part series for their product, the 'Little Printer'.
Looks pretty cute right? :) <3 Some of you might have heard of it, it's been in a few tech magazines here and there,  but for anyone who doesn't know about this watch this video:
Its a cute mini printer run by BERG which delivers a drawing game every Saturday, and is compatible with iphone too. I was really excited and a little overwhelmed to be part of this - but I got to work and ended up on their website:
For the project, I came up with the 'Little Pet', a cute tiny guy who is delivered to you every Saturday. He begins as a tiny egg and through the series is part of a variety of scenes and settings which you interact with in drawing based games.

I kind of miss drawing the Little Pet! He was printed on the Little Printer last Autumn, but I may one day bring him out to play again in a different environment like a kids book. He was also my first digital character and was created with Sai Paint Tool - really great program and personally recommended for anyone who wants to try out digital image making!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

3D and Environmental Imagemaking Project

This was the first project we had to do when we came back after Xmas, aswell as being the last project before the Unit 6 hand in! No pressure :')
It was the 3D project that I had been a little nervous for, and was directed by Chrissie MacDonald (http://www.chrissiemacdonald.co.uk) who is the genius behind this Orange campaign you might recognise:
Chrissie brought in lots of varying objects and put them in the centre of the class room for us recreate with any materials we brought in. I luckily brought in lots of cardboard, paint and felt, and with an uneasy start I got to work....
I made a giant lipstick!

And a little dolly with googly eyes and a pointy nose....

Last but not least, I also made a plant!
Once the introductory workshop of making was over, we were given the brief we had to work on over the next 10 days. The brief asked us to "Select a quote from the list overleaf and explore different avenues to illustrate the text within a 3-dimensional space."
From the list I selected the quote: "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction."
It took me quite a few days to get to work, as I had a bit of creative block. But I knew I wanted to make a set of monsters right from the beginning, and after a conversation with my tutor we came up with the idea of making a large complex monster, shrinking down to a smaller, simpler monster until you get to the smallest, plainest monster. Think Russian dolls!

I had to make quite alot of doodles and sketches until I came up with a set I was happy with. Then I got some materials together to build the largest, complex monster, who happened to be a costume for a child too!

Then followed the medium sized monsters, down to the smallest (cutest) one...

With these monsters, I put together a mini set of collages featuring the monsters in action :)

And so that was it :) I was so tired and fed up by the end of Unit 6, I'd cut the palms of my hands from constant use of scissors and the constant squeezing of the Glue bottle in order to make these, and I hurt for days. I had a little trouble with the Glue in practice, as not only was in a nightmare to get out of the bottle but when it dried it left a white sheen over the fabric -GAAAHH- but I managed to fix it - just.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Digital & Screen Based Imagemaking Project

So for the last project before Christmas 2013, we had to complete the Digital and Screen Based Imagemaking Project. In other words - animation - which happened to be an area of illustration I more or less had never ever worked in and certainly knew very little about.
For this project our guest lecturer was Robert Grieves (www.robertgrieves.com), who has worked on some pretty awesome animation as well as working as the Senior Animator for the 2012 Olympics ceremony.
To start off the project we were given a Loop Task - to create a looping animation in approximately 10 frames or more.

 Just a few things we were shown! All quite important ~~

 With a little knowledge on creating animation and stop motion, we were given the go ahead to start making our loop animations. We were advised to remain within this frame:

 Using the idea I had for a loop animation - a girl swinging round and round on a swing - I put together a storyboard to get a feel for the animation sequence.

 Then, using tracing paper we were able draw frames as accurately as possible to prevent the animation from jumping about, and to make the frames flow more smoothly. In total, I used around 14 frames, and the entire process of drawing them up took a couple of hours! Its quite a long process..

Once the frames were all scanned in, they were put together in Windows Movie Maker with the appropriate frame speed and then finished into a loop animation clip -->

This tiny clip took a whole day! But that was just the start of the project. With this mini loop animation complete, we had to begin in the next one - which had to be of a higher standard, complete with sound too, and had to center around the theme of 'light'.
 So I began by making yet another storyboard:
With this storyboard, I followed the theme of 'light' by telling the story of a character in the rain with an umbrella, and over time the weather changes to light and the rain stops. The character proceeds to put away their umbrella, before the rain suddenly starts again, and they put back up their umbrella. And it all begins again - a loop :)
 So I began to develop the character through sketches and doodling...I decided quite early on that I wanted the character to be cute and child-friendly, aswell as simple enough to draw for an animation.
Simple enough and rather cute I think :) I made sure she had boots and a raincoat too. As well as the character, I also had to develop setting. Like with the character, it needed to be as simple as possible to make the animation process quicker and easier.
A simple setting, and a contrast of light and dark for the weather!
So with my setting and character designed, I had to begin developing animation sequences to make the animation work. I started off with getting the rain sequence put together, which happened to be alot more difficult than I thought. In the end I spent a whole day on it...
 The rain sequence although hard, was not as hard as making the umbrella sequence - movement is tricky! I had to keep referring back to my storyboard....

So yes, you might have guessed animation is quite hard :( But I eventually completed the project and with sound too! In the end I uploaded it to the internet and here is the complete version :

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sequence and Narration Project

Our third project of the year was Sequence and Narrative, and was led by the illustrator Nick White. We were given the task of "creating a wordless narrative image sequence using misunderstanding as a starting point". The story also was only allowed two colours, not including the paper colour. Lots of rules!
Whilst I had been looking forward to this project I wasn't all that keen on the wordless concept, and I also didn't like having to make my story about a misunderstanding. Nonetheless, I got on with it -
Seeing as this project took place around Halloween, I wanted to make my story colour black and orange with a horror element. So I wrote the story centering around the plot of a girl in her bed at night, hearing strange sounds and seeing scary shadows...that in the end turn out to be a little cat.
The book cover happened to be the cats face! Naturally of course :) And along with the book came some little clay figurines I made of the characters in the story...They were not part of the project but I enjoyed making them and submitted them along with my project when we handed in all our work.

The book was rather hard to get made - I printed it at home with a home printer, which as many people know is a mistake. They break down all the time and are pretty unreliable. Somehow I managed to print out the book....
The pages inside were printed on faded yellow for a nice gothic touch :)
 And I also had a little go at pop up pages....at the climactic point half way through the book you pull back the curtains to reveal the cat at the girls bedroom window. I had alot of trouble getting the curtains to stick to the paper properly, and to fit the window frame, but in the end it worked!

And for anyone who would like to see each illustration from the book, I've posted them up here.
Although I must mention - the pop up parts such as the curtain scene are not viewable on here for now, but in the future I will likely upload some kind of interactive version. Enjoy for now :)

The end :)


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